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COOKING Is A Soul Art.

It's communal and familial and everyone has a part in it.
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The Dinner Bell: A Brunch for the Cast and Crew of ‘High Maintenance’

We love Julia Ziegler-Haynes, among other things she is the host of The Dinner Bell, another great series on MUNCHIES…and you all know we love the Munchies Channel! Check out this episode. Yes, the food looks amazing, but more so... Come on lets go

Ren Redzepi makes the signature dish: Vintage Carrot and Camomile

The inspiration behind the dish is explained as Redzepi cooks and talks through why he treated this carrot a bit like a piece of meat. ...definitely check this out my friends!

Bing eating and wise cracking with the gluttonous duo behind Hollywood's Animal restaurant.

What happens when a show about the late-night snacking predilections of our favorite chefs takes to the streets of Los Angeles in a 15-passenger van filled to capacity with some of the city's finest young stars and the two chefs behind one of its best restaurants? Seriously, you need to know more

Chef's Night Out: Josef Centeno

Josef Centeno is the king of the downtown LA dining scene. He owns and operates four restaurants on a single street, all serving different cuisines—it's an impressive operation to say the least. Why do we love this episode so much?...because it's in our hood. The entire night highlights the Silverlake neighborhood proper...of course we had to share. Come on lets go

On Coming Home with Chef Matthew Jennings

Chef Matthew Jennings (Townsman, Boston) is not one to rest on his laurels—even if those laurels are woven from the idyllic bounty of Rhode Island. When Boston calls you back home, you answer. ...whomever you are, what ever drives you, you'll connect what this chef has to say!

We believe that true success can only be fueled by passion so we wanted to share with you, Elevated a series where chefs talk challenges faced, and challenges overcome.

Charlie Hallowell (Pizzaiolo, Boot & Shoe Service, Penrose) discusses the most important decision of his life, and how having children at a young age ultimately made him a better chef. Seriously, you need to know more about this chef...

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