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In collaboration with like minded creative individuals: art directors, fashion designers, financial wizards, physicians, writers, photographers, filmmakers and engineers who thrive on the creative process of cooking—demonstrating our knowledge and skill of all things food through our recipes, tips and techniques we've learned through our culture, family and friends.

Who We Are

Allana Johnson

Co-founder and Creative Director here at Buddha Jumps. AKA premier pixel pusher and of course empress extraordinaire at The Collective Group. A seasoned builder of websites of every size, function, and flavor, she is always working on creating the best possible experience for you. When Allana isn’t designing and guiding her team through an integral corner stone of the website, she is cooking up a complex culinary concoction with a flavor profile that is both a node to her Asian background and infused with her European influences —tempting anyone to the dinner table again and again.

Turner Johnson

Co-founder and Photographer for both Buddha Jumps and The Collective Group. On an average day, Turner can be found making things beautiful — and a little sexy — through the lens of his camera. He shoots life in action as casual as he walks, he brings food to life like a scratch and sniff sticker. His arm—an extension of his camera. However, not a cook, he is a purveyor of food and one of life’s most satisfying, simple pleasures—himself in the moment of eating a good meal!

Cynthia Johnson

When Cynthia isn’t designing for her line CynJin—an absolutely genius, luxury brand, we might add, she is seamlessly merging her passion for fashion with her love of culinary comforts, by experimenting and cooking with the most superb ingredients—transforming the ordinary into extraordinary for both family and friends and ahem Buddha Jumps.

Brandon Watts

Brandon is so humble he’d never dare to write such a glowing bio for himself. On an average day you’ll catch Brandon directing and editing promotional videos for various event, local musicians and fashion shows. As a ongoing contributor for Buddha Jumps, he’s a videographer/director/food connoisseur extraordinaire. Brandon, is what we here at Buddha Jumps call  a “gourmande.” He loves good food and drink and eats eagerly and with great passion (from time to time he doesn’t mind jumping in to measure ingredients or volunteer for taste testing).

Dr. Carmelo and Dr. Aracely Plateroti

Team “Dr’s Plateroti,” when not saving the central coast from gluten or cancer are contributing healthy and delicious recipe and dishing out advice from weight loss and food sensitivity to cutting edge no b.s. advice.

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